Tolibbek Ayombekov, who is one of informal leaders in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), says that he has always stood for maintaining public order in Khorog, and, according to him, he is currently working closely with law enforcement authorities on preventing violations among youth.

Ayombekov says that there is no illegally possessed weapon in Khorog.  “If weapon had been, it would have gone off,” he told Asia-Plus by phone today. 

He also said that his son and his nephew Abdurahmon Ayombekov, who was recently detained together with four other young men for refusing to obey police instructions, today morning went into the army as volunteers.

Recall, five young men were detained at the traffic police checkpoint in the Suchon jamoat of the Shugnan district on October 15 for refusing to obey police instructions.

Among them was the 21-year-old Abdurahmon Ayombekov, the nephew of Tolibbek Ayombekov.  All of them were reportedly in a state of drunkenness.

Meanwhile, Ayombekov says that his nephew was sober and he was later released.

Tolibbek Ayombekov together with Yodgorsho Shomusallamov, Mamadboqir Mamadboqirov, Munavvar Shanbiyev and Khursand Mazoriyev is considered one informal leaders in region.  

In July 2012, members of Ayombekov's alleged gang were accused by the authorities of killing GBAO regional security chief, General Abdullo Nazarov.  At the time of the killing, Tolibbek Ayombekov was the commander of the Ishkashim border detachment; he was subsequently accused by the government of being a tobacco and gem smuggler after Nazarov was dragged from his car, in the area near Khorog, and stabbed to death.

Tolibbek’s brother Oqil Ayombekov, who is the father of Abdurahmon Ayombekov, and Hamza Murodov, who were accused of involvement in the murder of Nazarov, in August 2012 voluntarily surrendered to the local law enforcement authorities and they were sentenced to 17 and 16 year in prison, respectively.