Tajik President Emomali Rahmon yesterday attended events dedicated to professional holiday of officers of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of Tajikistan, according to the Tajik president’s official website.    

During a meeting with senior representatives of the SCNS, Emomali Rahmon reportedly expressed gratitude to security officers for proper fulfillment of their duties.  

At the same time, the Tajik leader expressed concern about escalation of terrorism in a number of countries.

Rahmon also pointed to necessity of removing shortages existing in activities of the country’s border service and ordered the SCNS leadership to remove those shortages as soon as possible. 

The president also expressed concern about the latest developments in neighboring Afghanistan and pointed to the necessity of strengthening discipline among personnel of the border troops.  

Emomali Rahmon noted that one of the most important tasks facing the SCNS is to prevent radicalization of youth. 

He ordered the SCNS leadership to take all necessary measures to return youth who joined terrorist and extremist groups because of ignorance to Tajikistan and provide them with permanent jobs.