Young singer from Tajikistan, Amal Hafizova, has won the “In a Loud Voice” (Vo Ves Golos) music show in “The Best Female Soloist“ nomination.

The final concert of the “In a Loud Voice” music show  that was organized by Interstate TV and Radio Company MIR took place in Moscow on December 29.

Young Tajik singer Amal Hafizova has been recognized as “The Best Female Soloist.”

Denis Midone from Moldova has been recognized as “The Best Soloist.”

The “Zhuldyzdar” quartet from Kazakhstan has been the first in “The Best Music Group” nomination. 

Young singers from seven CIS nations and Georgia participated in the “In a Loud Voice” contest that lasted from mid-November to December 29.  

The “In a Loud Voice” show is the brainchild of Lina Arifulina, the founder of the “La Group” Producer Center.