The Branch of Innovative Road Solutions LTD in Tajikistan has raised toll rates.  It says that a slight from 20- to 60-diram increase in tariffs aims at removing complexity in mutual settlements.  

In a statement released on December 18, the company notes that “A slight increase in tariffs from 20 to 60 dirams was due to the fact that earlier in all tariffs, additional dirams were observed, which created complexity in mutual settlements with users, and also contributed to the traffic-jam near the plazas. Consequently, the Company's branch has rounded this amount to facilitate this process. There were no other increases, although as already noted, the reasons for this are sufficient even now.”

A few months ago when new tolling plazas were commissioned, the management of the Company's branch officially announced that on the basis of the introduction of a new innovative tolling system, the number of tolling plazas was reduced from seven to six.  As a result, the Maikhoura tolling plaza was reportedly demolished and the amount previously paid on the Maikhoura plaza was proportionally divided between the Varzob and Hushyori plazas. 

Recall, Innovative Road Solutions was permitted to operate the toll on the Dushanbe-Chanak highway.  A 354-kilometer toll road from Dushanbe to Chanak links Tajikistan’s capital with Uzbekistan through the northern province of Sughd.

The highway was upgraded by Chinese companies and paid for with a $280 million loan from China.  The Tajik government decided to permit IRS to operate the toll on the highway in order to repay the loan to China.  A toll has been collected for using the highway since April 1, 2010.

To-date, six toll-collection points (plaza) have functioned on the Dushanbe-Chanak highway: Varzob; Hushyori; Shahriston, Istaravshan, Dehmoy; and Chorukh.

The Branch of Innovative Road Solutions LTD in Tajikistan is an internationally held and managed company.